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Fri., July 21, 2017, 7-9pm
Shambhala Center, 1345 Spruce St, Boulder

Sat. & Sun. July 22–23, 2017

What is Tibetan Cranial?

Tibetan Cranial: An Ancient Healing Art

Tibetan Cranial® is a healing modality that originated in the Himalayan highlands about 3,000 years ago and is now practiced in its traditional form in the West. TC Practitioners use their fingertips to read hundreds of pulses on the recipient’s head. With the pulses as their guide, Practitioners touch specific points on the neck and bones of the skull, including the face, the back of the head, and the palate. As the Practitioners apply gentle pressure, the pulses shift. The process continues until the pulses reach a place of balance. The practice is a disciplined approach, designed to re-align and restore our innate capacity for self healing. Recipients report that TC has led to transformation on all levels of their being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

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How Does Tibetan Cranial Work?

Holistic Healing

From within the viewpoint of Tibetan Cranial, TC works by fine-tuning the plates of the skull, along with their relationship to the neck. This fine-tuning optimizes the physical relationship of the bones to each other as well as the flow of energy and fluids through the recipient. Physical touch promotes opening of energy channels that in turn promotes healing at the levels of the physical and energetic bodies and the mind. Because people often store emotions in their bodies, TC can also assist with healing at an emotional level. Moreover, by incorporating a spiritual aspect via the alignment of the Practitioner and recipient and the silent recitation of mantra, TC can bring integration of spirit, as well.

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Experiencing TC Treatments

What Happens During a TC Treatment?

Most of the TC session is a silent exchange which takes place between you and the practitioner. This interaction requires comprehensive perception on the part of the practitioner as s/he listens carefully to your body’s communication via subtle pulses.

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