An Ancient Healing Art

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What is Tibetan Cranial®?

“Tibetan Cranial” known traditionally as “Thoba Khujatag”, was historically transmitted in a monastic environment in Tibet.  This oral tradition has been passed directly from teacher to apprentice over thousands of years.

It is a body based practice which involves a critical perception of numerous  pulses. It is a disciplined approach designed to re-align and restore our inherent capacity for self healing. It carries the potential of transformation at many levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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Experiencing TC Treatments

What Happens During a TC Treatment?

TC takes place in quiet setting. We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing. People remain fully clothed, removing their shoes. The person reclines on a massage table or specially designed TC table.

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Scheduling & Preparing for a Session

To schedule an appointment, please visit our Practitioners & Apprentices pages, or call 720-378-8044.

On the day of your TC session:

  • Avoid caffeine and any elective self-medications that can affect the nervous system, such as ibuprofen
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