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In their words…

“Third time is a charm!?! This was true for me and orthodontics, with the help of the Tibetan Cranial (TC) work. The blessing of my grandmother’s narrow British palate has precipitated years of ‘jacking out’ the upper palate with expanders by the orthodontics community. This resulted in severe pain and pressure, which lead to headaches. Also, because my palate was not properly aligned, the treatment progressed slowly. Thankfully, I came upon TC work. I carefully scheduled TC appointments to coincide with the orthodontics, before the orthodontic work could cause painful swelling. The TC work let the cranial bones realign and begin to create the space for the targeted shifts. There was even palate work I could release myself between visits. Finally, I could have orthodontia without waiting weeks for the pain to dissipate. Now that the expander and braces are off I rarely go out of my healthy cranial alignment. TC is now merely a good health check-up and not rescue. Because of the difference this work made for my family and I, I began to study it with Shar Lee. A year later my husband got whiplash during a ski trip. It was incredible to see the shortened healing process that TC work supported. He did not even miss the rest of the ski season! It is always a pleasure to see people begin to have relief from migraines, TMJ, concussions, and other stresses to their body that plays out on the cranial bones.”

– Debbie Feyh, Boulder, CO

“When I first asked Shar Lee to teach the techniques of Tibetan Cranial work, I had two thoughts:

  1. My Granddaughter, Zoe, has cystic fibrosis and I should learn as much as possible about all possible healing modalities.
  2. Studying with Shar is my greatest pleasure. Whatever she would wish to teach, I would want to learn.

I am NOT a massage therapist, I am a yoga teacher; I’ve never even had a massage. What an odd subject to study. The first class was almost all experienced massage therapists. I felt greatly out of place as they discussed techniques that were foreign to me. The work, however, felt familiar. I could almost feel my hands move on their own. I have studied with Shar now for three years. I have practiced Tibetan Cranial work on my friends and family. The results are amazing. Migraine headaches dissolve. Hip pain is alleviated. One of my friends has stopped clenching her jaw and grinding her teeth. I don’t for a moment think that I did this. This is the work. Tibetan Cranial is ancient, powerful, simple and has far reaching consequences. Zoe is only four years old. I have done a little work on her – it’s hard to get her to lie still. I have great hope for her future and faith that I was led to this work with a purpose. Now we must teach others. This technique is too valuable to lose.”

– Suzanne Matthews, Littleton, CO

“My involvement with this work began as the result of a severe movement disorder that occurred four years ago. My symptoms began as small, almost imperceptible muscle spasms and rapidly progressed in severity. I sought treatment at hospitals in both Illinois and Minnesota, but despite best efforts, my condition resisted both treatment and diagnosis. I was referred to toxicologists in Colorado, but was unsuccessful in gaining admission. When I first met Shar Lee, it was for conventional massage, as muscle cramps were one of the side effects of the spasms. At this point, having exhausted conventional medical avenues, I was very willing to proceed when told about Tibetan Cranial. The effect of the first session was an immediate cessation of my symptoms. Several subsequent sessions were required, but the result was a full recovery in this instance and in two subsequent remissions. It has been three years since the last occurrence. In that time, I have relocated to Longmont, Colorado and have begun studying with Shar. My hope is that through this work, I may be of service to others, as others have been to me.”


– John E. Anderson

“Two nights in a row I slept through the night and I woke up early without body pain! My internal world is joyful and peaceful as a natural state without working on it! Thank you so much for the treatment. It is powerful and life changing!”

– M.R., New York


“While visiting Boulder, CO I happened upon Tibetan Cranial. After decades of suffering debilitating pain, I sought many different treatments and managed to heal a lot of the pain issues in the body, but could not shake the intense & frequent migraines. After my first TC session, I had absolutely no pain anywhere! I hadn’t experienced that in over 20 years. It lasted a couple of days then I had another session. Again, no pain. After returning home, I decided to fly to Colorado once a month for 2-3 sessions and found that the length of pain free time got longer and longer. Eventually I was healed of pain entirely. This lasted 3 years, until I was injured again in an accident. I’m now looking for a TC practitioner n the LA area. Hands down the best modality I’ve ever experienced! Thank you to all who offer this powerful gift to the world.”

Kris Conners, Los Angeles, CA

“Both before and after recent dental extractions I experienced Tibetan Cranial for the first time. Now, a week past the surgery, my feeling of clarity and well being is so strong that I marvel at the difference. The strengthening of my immune system is obvious, as if a density and heaviness have been lifted that I didn’t even know was there. I had simply become accustomed to feeling sub par. I’d forgotten what it feels like to be balanced and to have a rushing sense of wellness. Everything is affected. My body feels lighter, my mental abilities sharper and more clear (including memory), my inner senses heightened. I am fully and gratefully appreciative of this beautiful treatment. The dental surgery removed toxins, I am sure; the cranial treatment vitally assisted that process by preparing and stabilizing my body to receive and maximize the effects. I have a sense of well-being I haven’t felt in years.”

Paula D’Arcy

“Little did we know when my Son and I first started receiving the Tibetan Cranial treatments from our beloved Practioner, Bev De Witt-Moylan, that it would be adding to the positives that got him through congestive heart failure that required a pacemaker/defibulator implant and placement on the heart transplant list. We later learned the heart failure was a result of a rare form of muscular dystrophy that he was born with. So Jason had so much to overcome but he made it look like it was the easiest thing ever! His purely positive attitude of gratitude worked in complete cooperation with the work of the amazing Doctors and Nurses at UCLA and his Tibetan Cranial treatments from Bev … all leading up to Jason’s miraculous recovery!

Jason loves receiving the treatments and that, adding to his already great attitude and our Oprah/Deepak meditations in the hospital were a perfect recipe that has Jason doing better than he ever has! Two years later–they recently moved his placement on the list, down to “on hold” and it is possible he may never need the transplant. Naturally, I am grateful beyond measure for Bev and this blessed ancient work that managed to make it to these modern times where it is so desperately needed in body, mind, emotions and spirit…and certainly, the collective soul as well.

Of course, the fact that I was receiving the treatments when Jason did, had to add to the serenity and power we both channeled to get us both through the very traumatic ordeal. We see Bev about once every season and it has really helped me get through my other situations and to progress with an increasingly calm resolve. This also helps Jason . . . and our healing (and everyone’s healing who is receiving the treatments)is definitely adding to the Power of Goodness to heal the Planet.

Gratitude flows from our hearts like a river, for the ancient Buddhist Monks with whom Tibetan Cranial originated and for all the Practioners who were lead to do this deeply important healing work.


Ms. Shawn Bostrom, Los Osos, CA