Teachers & Interns

For many years, Shar Lee, the holder of this lineage, was the only teacher of Tibetan Cranial. As part of the effort to preserve and spread the practice of Tibetan Cranial, Shar is now training new teachers.


Philae E. Amenti, a Practitioner from Austin, Texas, received the honor in May of 2016 of becoming the first teacher designated by Shar. Philae has been a practicing chiropractor for 30-plus years. Her years of experience with, and profound respect for, what chiropractors call ‘innate intelligence’ ultimately led her to Tibetan Cranial. Philae is now teaching beginning Apprentices around the world. You can find out more about Philae at www.tibetancranialaustin.com or contact her at 512.292.3298.

Teacher Interns

Several Practitioners currently are in the Intern program, which has been established to train additional teachers. Interns play a major role in teaching beginning Apprentices during trainings and supporting all Apprentices at our clinics. Current Teacher Interns include Practitioners Devon Parker, Donna Lambdin, and Linda Moreau.